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We always focus to catch the advantage of high technology in over the world to introduce and apply it to Vietnam, via a team of employees with extensive technical experience.


-     Supply host computer, server and informatics equipment including Minicomputer, cluster with professional application.

-   Construct and supply solution of security software, data base, GIS and other application software.

-         Import, export of trade products in the fields of Information Technology.

-         Educating, training and consulting in the above mentioned areas.

-         Research and provide security solutions for State and Enterprise networks.

-         Provide technical supports for information security solutions (data security, network security).

-         Provide professional IT solutions complying with the government security bodies requirement.

-     Carry out stated – level projects of keeping – secret, information security assurance, special surveillance system, special locating and interception system, etc.

-         Provide technical supports for information security solutions

-    Supply high-tech equipments/ systems and technical-accompanying services such as solutions, advisory, system designs and after-sale services to Government agencies in the following specific fields:

o     Electrical, electronic and technical measuring and calibrating systems

o    Hardware and software solutions for specialized simulation applications for military and police training purposes as well as network security.

o Specific civilian and dedicated radio and communication equipments (HF, V/UHF and microwave)

o     Monitoring and data analyzing systems for intelligence services, defense and public security organizations

o     Specialized digital voice/ imaginary recording systems

o     GPS and DGPS navigation systems.

o  Radio, mobile phone and internet monitoring systems as well as direction finding and positioning systems

o     Solutions on network security and management for ensuring a safe networking environment.


Our partners are government agencies and  with very strict requirements in safety, security, reliability such as:

-         Ministry of Public Security

-         Ministry of Defense

-         Ministry of Finance

-         Vietnam Customs

-         The Project Technical Department

-         The Bank of Investment and Development of Vietnam.

Tracespan Communications Ltd: Marketing and distribution DSL Phantom TM, a monitoring device that records and stores broadband digital information, offering unique advantages for Law Enforcement Authorities looking to capture any data between the central office and the target. 

Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd: Marketing and distribution TDF 2020 Direction Finding System for spectrum monitoring applications according to ITU-R recommendations.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co., KG: Marketing and Distribution of Spectrum analyzers, Narrow resolution filters, Analogue demodulation AM/FM/PM.

Ability Computers & Software Industries Ltd: Marketing, Distribution & Installation of Hard disk drive of notebook computer, Specific Software of GSM off-air interceptor.

IBM & HP: Marketing and distribution of host computer and server.